We got packages from the Peace Corps today. They included information about what positions we qualify for and legal clearance information. We have to fill out background form information and get fingerprinted to get legal clearance.

I qualify for Teaching English as a Foreign Language in secondary schools (twelve year olds to twenty year olds). I think this would be interesting. I’m really good at explaining grammar to people, so I think I would be pretty good at it. Plus, teaching English in another language will help me work on my skills in that language. With the global scope of jobs today, I think the language training and immersion that the Peace Corps offers is a big plus.

I also qualify for community building. I like this option because of the creativity it offers. I could do anything from helping women sell crafts to earn money to setting up community gardens. It’s very open ended, and I would basically help with anything the community needs. I also think I could use my skills I’ve built up volunteering as part of it. Community building was my first choice on the application.

Tim qualifies for Internet Technology. He would help communities set up internet systems and teach people how to use computers and software. He also qualifies for teaching math to secondary students — everything up to calculus! Oh man, we all know how Tim hates math. 😉 He seems pretty excited about both options. But obviously he would prefer working with computers.

We have all of the forms filled out. Now we just have to get our fingerprints on Monday and send it in. Hopefully our quickness with the materials will help us get placed faster. Also, we know who our recruiter is now, so we can call and set up an interview with him. We’ll probably have to make a trip up to Chicago for it. That will be fun too.

I talked to my Grammy today about joining, and she had a few questions. So if you don’t feel like asking us, here is a link to the family and friends section of the Peace Corps website: That should answer a lot. But we really like talking about PC, and we’ve really done our research. So just ask!


Author: Bre

I am in motion and in transition right now. I married Tim Knoll less than a year ago, and we recently applied to The Peace Corps. I work as a freelance journalist.

2 thoughts on “Mail!”

  1. T&B,

    What spectacular, wonderful news! I am more than pleased and excessively proud.

    My best friend, David Thompson, was in the first Peace Corps “class” there ever was in the early-mid 60’s. There was appreciably less bureaucracy about it then, but it was one of the best experiences in his life.

    He did, however, when he returned home, experience a huge culture shock. After living in pretty primitive conditions for two years, he returned to an America that had changed (as it does every two years) and found it a bit of a jolt. But, being a resourceful soul, that didn’t last long.

    COULD YOU PLEASE ADD AN RSS FEED to this blog? That way, I know instantly when there is a new posting.



    1. We have heard that the culture shock on returning home can be quite unusual. I can’t imagine if we left two years ago and came back to everyone having a crackberry. I’m not sure where we’ll be, but I imagine the Internet Technology posts are a little less primitive. I’m so glad your friend enjoyed his experience. We have heard it’s the toughest job you’ll ever love.

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