Why I want to join

It takes quite a lot to want to do something that takes you away from your friends and family for two years.  I would wager that very few things are rewarding enough to be worth such a cost, but I am confident that the Peace Corps is one thing that is worth it.

In a “greater good” sense, I can easiliy see the benefits of the work that I hope to be doing.  I can share the knowledge that I have with people that might not have access to otherwise.  At the risk of sounding egotistical, I know that I can help improve whatever culture I get the opportunity to spend some time in.  This development will be able to improve the lives of everyone in that community.

On another level, I see this as a great way to better myself.  Through the Peace Corps I can travel to places that I would not go to otherwise.  I will see things and immerse myself in a culture that I could never imagine experiencing without the aid of the Peace Corps.  I strongly believe that I will become a better person myself through the work I hope to do.  That is why I feel that this exciting journey is well worth it.


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