Still Waiting

Currently, we are waiting on our nomination. We have been told that we will be nominated, but it’s a matter of placement now. I am having a tough time with this because it’s just waiting. Some people get a nomination within a month of their interview. The most extreme case I have read about is a couple that waited eight months after their interview before they got a nomination. This is particularly difficult because the nomination will also give us a general idea of when we are leaving. Our lease is up in August, and my job is finished then. So we kind of need a game plan for after that. I like planning, but I try not to push life in a certain direction. But now we’re getting to the point where we need to know whether or not to renew our lease. We can’t renew our lease for an entire year if we’re going to be leaving in less than a year for the Peace Corps. And what about my job? How long do I put off finding a new one? So the basic question is, how long do we put our lives on hold while we wait for the Peace Corps to tell us what we’re doing? I am fine with giving the Peace Corps two years of my life and spending a year in application limbo. But when you think about not getting a nomination for months, and then not leaving until another year after that, and then serving for two years. Suddenly, we’ve taken a two year service and turned it into a four year ordeal where we can’t make any major commitments. Sometimes I think we should just move on and act like we’re not joing the Peace Corps. That way, if it doesn’t happen, or doesn’t happen for a long time, we’re not disappointed. But that’s an awfully difficult thing to do.


Author: Bre

I am in motion and in transition right now. I married Tim Knoll less than a year ago, and we recently applied to The Peace Corps. I work as a freelance journalist.

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