Waiting, Thailand, Dogs

We are officially signed up for Thailand. The camp is from May 13 to June 1, 2010. This should work well with our Peace Corps adventure, as we are not expected to leave until mid to late summer of 2010. Hopefully we will have much more information sometime in August (like a nomination!). Then, pending our medical, dental, and legal reviews, we should be good to go. Tim and I are in very good shape. We run or lift weights every day with no breathing problems and our diet is made up almost completely of fruits, veggies, and whole grains. So we’re hoping, once we get our nomination, it will stick without any opposing outside forces.

Anyway, to the Thailand trip. The program is through Ball State University and run by Tim’s uncle Kris. There will be two campsites, one in Bangkok and one in southern Thailand. In the mornings, we will teach the subtler parts of English to Thai university students, and in the afternoons we will be immersing ourselves in different cultural activities. It will be a great way to use my skills I learn at IUPUI over the next year, but anyone with a firm grasp on the English language can really participate as a camp leader. Tim and I also think it will be a good practice trip for whomever takes Emo and Sammy while we’re gone in the Peace Corps. While we’ll be away and not able to see them, we can come back and answer any questions the people might have. Better to answer questions when we return from Thailand than from half a world away.

You know, that’s really the only part I agonize over about PC. Emo. Sammy will be fine, she hardly notices us. As long as someone pets her occassionally and feeds her constantly, she’s happy. Emo is soooo attached to us, and we are really very attached to him. We love him, we worry about him (his floppy ears getting to much moisture, is he getting enough exercise — or sometimes, too much, are his eyes redder today than usual, should he go to the store with us since he’s been in the house all day), and he does everything that Tim and I do together. He runs with us, he lays in the kitchen while we cook, he sits on our feet while read. I really can’t imagine life without him, and I don’t really want to. I know the person that takes him will take good care of him, but I just wonder if he will be quite as happy with them as he is with us. He has no idea how his life is going to change, and I just wonder if it’s really fair of us to do this to him. And I wonder if I can ever be happy without him there. A dog’s life is so short. When the time comes that he’s gone, will we regret missing those two years with him? I realize this is silly. He’s just a dog. But he’s not. He’s our dog. He’s really the first thing that Tim and I ever shared completely, and it was kind of a big commitment because we were like “A dog can live a long time. Are we going to be together that long?” I guess I’m just a dog person. People in my life … I know they can get along without me. I know they’ll be happy and I’ll be able to talk with them on the phone, chat over IM, or even talk with video over the web. There’s really nothing comparable to Emo’s big floppy ears bouncing along beside me while I run, or him bringing me his disgusting, slobbery rubber chicken to throw one more time. There’s just not, and I don’t know if I can live without that. If you’ve suffered through this post this long, you’re probably a dog person. What a sappy post, but thanks for listening! There will probably be many more posts riddled throughout this blog on the subject of Emo, but hopefully I’ll read them later and realize how silly my tears were.


Author: Bre

I am in motion and in transition right now. I married Tim Knoll less than a year ago, and we recently applied to The Peace Corps. I work as a freelance journalist.

One thought on “Waiting, Thailand, Dogs”

  1. While it may seem sappy it’s not silly or without just cause. Emo and Sammy are a part of your family. Molly and I feel the same way about Roxas. We recently went for a trip to Panama City Beach and we hated the fact that we couldn’t take him with us. It might have only been for a week, but when we returned the following Sunday we wanted someone to be at the vet so bad because we really wanted to bring him home. We it can be annoying at times, it just didn’t feel right not having him running around beneath our feet. I’m sure given time and someone who will give Emo the attention and care he needs that he would be able to adapt, but it wouldn’t be the same. Just be prepared for him to be a ball of energy when you return.

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