Dreams, Lake Michigan, Classes, TESOL

Another post from me — can you tell which of us is the writer in the family? I think Tim doesn’t really like to post because we don’t have any official news about PC. Still just waiting. But for me, pretty much everything is about PC. Entering the year long certificate program is about PC because I don’t anticipate us leaving before I am able to complete it. Thailand is about PC because it will be a great international experience and practice for using my TESOL skills. Everyone says to just move on and kind of forget about it until PC pops up again, but our excitement about the opportunity makes that really difficult to do. I even have PC dreams! Not the daydream, wondering kind of dreams, but the nighttime, subconscious kind. The other night I had a dream that we got a call about a nomination. I was on the phone, and they told me that we would be leaving in 2013! The sad thing is, we still considered it with the belief that we would not be offered an earlier placement.

Anyway, Tim and I had a wonderful vacation to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore this past week. We spent a week camping (no electricity, no running water) on Lake Michigan. Our campsite was probably about two hundred yards from the beach. The water was beautiful and clear, the weather was great and we were able to take Emo pretty much everywhere. Monday we climbed the dunes, Tuesday we went canoeing on the Platte River (with Emo, he mostly just sat in the boat or tried to drink the water), Wednesday was a beach day, Thursday we ran/hiked Alligator Hill w/ amazing views of both Lake Michigan and Glen Lake, Friday we beach bummed it until Tim’s parents came for a visit. They canoed while pulling us on tubes. Then it pretty much started pouring rain when we got back (our only evening of bad weather). Saturday was much better. The morning was spent drinking coffee, the afternoon touring the scenic drive (views of Glen Lake, Lake Michigan, the Dunes, and all of the amazing things glaciers have done in the area), then we cooked dinner and watched the sunset on the beach. I think they had fun — I know we did! In case you were wondering, we bathed in the lake. Everyone was doing it. The only thing I missed was our very soft bed. Even this made me think of PC because I realized how peaceful living off the grid is and how rewarding it is to actually have to work at everything you do … of course, we had the backup of the nearest town when coffee wouldn’t boil or our cell phones were about to die. So that was kind of cheating, but it makes me think we’ll be okay in PC, no matter where we go.

I have all my books, and I start my TESOL classes next Wednesday. I made a visit to campus yesterday, and I have to say that I am huge and total dork. I love universities. I love the type of people it brings together. I love the idea of creative and caring people fostering and sharing knowledge to make the world a better place. I even love that there are books and bicycles everywhere. I think this is where I’m meant to spend my time.

Speaking of TESOL, someone asked me the other day — is there even a demand for that? Of course, I did not have an answer at the time. I was kind of surprised that someone would think there wasn’t. But now I say “Heck yes there is!” English is the language of business and education across the world. There is a huge demand overseas for native speakers who have the skills, patience and knowledge to teach their language. At home, the immigrant population is not currently growing because of the economy. But many of these people are not returning to their native countries either and they still need the proper language skills to stop feeling isolated and obtain an education as residents of an English-speaking country. So if someone can teach internationally and domestically in a business, K – 12, or university setting, I would say they are in demand. It’s great for someone bitten by the travel bug to earn a steady income or to eventually live overseas for a long period of time. Also, when we decide to plant roots somewhere, teaching at a university (which I will be able to once we return from PC and I get my masters) sounds pretty awesome. Hey, it’s where I’m meant to spend my time, right?

Our friend Kirby is leaving for Micronesia at the beginning of September. We have both known Kirby since the vegetarian club days, and we know she’ll be a great teacher. Good luck Kirby, and we’ll miss you!


Author: Bre

I am in motion and in transition right now. I married Tim Knoll less than a year ago, and we recently applied to The Peace Corps. I work as a freelance journalist.

One thought on “Dreams, Lake Michigan, Classes, TESOL”

  1. Hey, thanks for the shout-out! I’ll be thinking of you guys and praying you get a nomination soon!

    Bre, I feel the same way about universities; all the passion, knowledge, curiosity, and ideas in one place…I love it! Which is why I suspect that maybe I’m supposed to be a teacher as well…

    Good luck with your classes, your trip to Thailand, and everything else!

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