Okay, that was my Friends moment. Finally, some official news! We got a phone call today  from our recruiter and Tim and I have accepted the nomination. We are slated to leave for Africa in August 2010. Tim will be teaching math, and I will be teaching English. We are so, incredibly excited. Thank you for all of your well wishes during this waiting time. Our waiting and your prayers have paid off. I think everyone pictures themselves living in some hot, remote African village when they sign up for PC. Well that’s really what we’ll be doing! If you’re wondering, these are the countries that have both math and English teacher programs in Africa. Most of them officially speak French or English, and Tim and I are already working on our French. I’m sure we will have to learn the local languages, but hopefully French will help. We will be gone for 27 months (three months of in-country training, two years at our site).


Burkina Faso






Of course, this could obviously change! We could not get medical clearance, the program could be suspended, or we could just not get an invitation (they do it kind of like a flight, overbook and expect people to drop), or maybe the PC Web site is wrong and we’ll be in a completely different country in Africa. But the point is that if everything goes well, WE’RE GOING TO AFRICA IN LESS THAN A YEAR! 🙂 We’ll probably leave at the beginning of August. I’m excited. Can you tell? Tim is too. Wish us luck! Please email us any questions or leave them in the comments. Now we actually get to do something … medical clearance, here we come!


Author: Bre

I am in motion and in transition right now. I married Tim Knoll less than a year ago, and we recently applied to The Peace Corps. I work as a freelance journalist.

4 thoughts on “AFRICA, BABY!”

  1. So I’m a little behind on things here obviously (after all I’m in Micronesia), but CONGRATS on the nomination! I’m so thrilled for you guys! I’ll have to do a better job of keeping up with your blog now…and good luck with all the medical work and everything else; you’ll be in my thoughts and prayers!

    1. Thank you. We are obviously very excited. I have been keeping up with your blog Kirby. I am so glad you are able to stay in contact. It sounds like you are having a great time (minus the homesickness obviously). I hope it gets better once you start teaching. I know you will love it. Keep blogging and please know that Tim and I are praying for you.

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