Finally, a Tim Update

I guess looking at the statistics as far as number and frequency of posts by our duo, you can tell which of us has a degree in writing, but that doesn’t mean I can’t write a post from time to time. I, much like Bre, have been teaching English classes for the refugee center. These are going well and after only a handful of classes I can easily pick up the mannerisms and learning styles of most of my students that come to class regularly. I find it to be very rewarding and enjoyable as they all want to make it as enjoyable as possible, and although there is the obvious language barrier, we are all laughing and having fun as we work.
My only update that I can bring up that Bre probably couldn’t give better insight on is my ADD essay. By being diagnosed with Tourettes, that makes me very very likely to have ADD/ADHD as both are associated (as is OCD). Not everyone with Tourettes has the others, but Wikipedia assures me that it is a “high percentage”. I had to write an essay discussing how I would cope with the stress of it during my service and descriptions of medications and therapy I’d undergone for it. It was relatively simple to answer, since it has never interfered with my everyday life and I’ve never taken medication or undergone any therapy for it, making the essay pretty much a non-issue. It’s somewhat difficult to write a full essay that really just says “Not applicable”.
Anyway, now begins our next stage of waiting. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we hear back from the Peace Corps and they let us know that everything is great and we can get an invitation. I know that’s wishful thinking since we still need to send our dental forms out, and we definitely anticipate some surgery required for that one.


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