RTFM, dude

So … there are some questions I have been wondering about, and it suddenly occurred to me today where I might be able to find the answers. (This would be what Tim wold call an RTFM moment — read the … um … friggin … manual) I had read the mail packet PC gave us, and I have read tons of other PC blogs. But I never thought to look in the FAQ in our application database. It usually randomly announces something random like “You have legal clearance,” or “Your medical packets were sent on Sept. 11, 2009.” Yes, that’s true. It took us a full six weeks to get all of the paperwork and visits finished.
Anyway, I looked on there and here are the things that apply to us.

When will my medical evaluation report be reviewed?
Most exams are reviewed within four to eight weeks of receipt of the completed medical forms. Be sure the completed information includes all required lab reports, diagnostic tests, and doctor reports by your specialist or examining physician.

What that means for us: We might be able to have an update by Christmas. Hopefully sooner.

What exactly is required for the vision and hearing examinations?
Only gross vision (E chart) and gross hearing (whisper test) are required. If you wear corrective lenses, you will need a current examination to determine your prescription. Even if you wear contact lenses, an eyeglass prescription is required so replacement glasses can be obtained for you if necessary.

What that means for us: Um, Sam’s Club in Michigan did not have an eyeglasses prescription for Tim. The last place he got one was Eyemart in Evansville, so we will probably have to go there and get that filled out.

Include a copy of your immunization history

What that means for us: I knew they needed to know about tetanus, polio, and MMR. It did not say anything in our packet about an actual need for the full immunization history. I didn’t put mine in my medical packet, and I don’t think the doctor ever actually showed Tim what his pediatrician faxed.

Overall: We have some definite scrambling to do. We will need to get Tim’s eyeglasses prescription and our immunization histories and mail them. We also have some definite waiting to do. It’s PC, what else is new?


Author: Bre

I am in motion and in transition right now. I married Tim Knoll less than a year ago, and we recently applied to The Peace Corps. I work as a freelance journalist.

3 thoughts on “RTFM, dude”

  1. Good for you on being proactive. On the eye exam, I’m not sure if they will consider it a “current” exam report…so that could be a problem, but it doesn’t make sense to have another exam just to send it to them. (Can’t they get a glasses prescrip from the contact one?)
    Thanks for all the other updates. Good to hear what all is going on!

  2. They only need a new eye exam if you fail your gross vision exam with your corrected lenses at the doctor. Neither of us failed ours, and Tim actually thinks his are getting better. Although, better is relative when you see that his contact prescription said his eyes were 20/800. I don’t think they can get a glasses prescription from the contacts one because that was why we he had to get an exam at Sams in the first place. He had a glasses prescription from Eyemart, and they couldn’t use it to get contacts. So I think we’re going to have to call Eyemart and talk to them. They need the glasses prescription in case both pairs of glasses break. Which, I don’t know what Tim would do if that happened, since PC says sites aren’t really suitable for contacts.

  3. hey, I just thought I’d respond and tell you how things went for me and heather.

    For our medical packets, we got a status update within less than a month. So, that might happen for yall, you never know. Just make sure you have literally everything for the packet, signed, dated, and so on, because I have heard they are big sticklers about that.

    For the eye exam, he’ll definitely need that. I went to africa for three months with just contacts and I had pink eye in both eyes the entire time despite using medicine for it. Glasses are definitely the way to go.

    The immunization history was tough for Heather to get a hold of. I had a yellow book of all my history, but Heather had to get copies of all her immunizations from the hospital and make a copy of it.

    Hope any of this helps you guys. Good luck with everything! Kellen

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