Omg. We have medical clearance.  I thought this would be so much more incredibly difficult. Not that it was not difficult. We had two months worth of doctor’s appointments, several vials of blood drawn, and several months of waiting. They only sent one form back. I thought we would seriously need more tests, more forms redone, more signatures and just … more of everything. I heard a lot of horror stories about medical clearance. Maybe those people just weren’t as healthy or as organized as we were.

So we are medically cleared to join the Peace Corps. Now we can move on to placement. Placement means they review our file and qualifications. If they like us and can find a place for both of us, we will get an invitation. They say that they usually nominate two people to each one position. That means that our placement counterparts got nominations, and they have to drop out, not get medically cleared, or we just have to be better than both of them. With the work we have done with Exodus and my TESOL certification, I am confident that we will be excellent candidates. If everything goes well with that … we will have an invitation! And we will finally know what day we are leaving, and what country we are going to! They say that the review will take a few weeks. I’m not sure when that means we will get an invitation. From the letter below, I’m thinking March. But I don’t want to get my hopes up. So I’m just hoping we’ll get an invitation before we leave for Thailand.

Peace Corps is really sneaky. Every time I throw a fit and threaten to throw my hands up in the air about this process (of course, not to them. Usually I’m just venting my frustrations to Tim) they come through a few days later. It’s like they know they’ve almost lost me, and they need to pull me back in. Between the application and the rest of the process, do you know it has been almost a year since we started this journey? And it will still be at least six months before we even leave. I’m just trying to focus on Thailand right now and how we need to prepare for that.

Of course, the placement letter was a form letter. If you are interested in reading the letter. I have copied and pasted it below. Tim’s is identical.

Greetings from the Assessment & Placement Office at Peace Corps Headquarters in Washington, DC!

The Office of Medical Services has informed us that you have received your medical clearance.  Over the next few weeks, your file will be reviewed by the Assessment & Placement Staff for further evaluation.  This includes evaluation of technical skills, suitability and legal information.  Upon completion of the assessment, you may be considered for an invitation.  Please keep in mind that this stage in the process can be competitive as there are typically two applicants nominated for each spot available.  Given this, an invitation is never guaranteed and applicants should make no plans to go overseas unless an invitation has been issued and you have spoken to headquarters staff to accept your invitation.

Please be advised that if you are invited to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer, you will be required to obtain a no-fee U.S. government passport immediately. This is required for all prospective Volunteers, even if you already have a personal passport.  Please note, an original birth certificate *or* current passport is required to apply for a Peace Corps passport application. Further instructions are provided in the invitation packet.

We understand that you might be eager to receive more information from Peace Corps at this point, and we greatly appreciate your patience. In the meantime, you can make your application more competitive by continuing to gain experience through working or volunteering.  In addition, please e-mail me with any new contact information, final transcripts, or updated work/volunteer experience.

Final Transcript—If you have recently earned a degree or gained additional certifications since you applied, please e-mail or fax them to my attention at: 202-692-1897.  Note: A final copy of your transcript must show that your degree was completed in full.  Do not send this information until after you have actually graduated.  An unofficial copy is fine, but it must have:

1) Your name.

2) Date of completion or degree conferred (the date of graduation must be there) I know it sounds strange, but some electronic versions do not have your name on the document.

3)       Please e-mail or fax this after you have graduated.

4) When you are ready to fax the information please call me or e-mail me so I can expect the fax.

If the electronic copy does not have the above information please:

1) Contact the registrar at your campus and request an official transcript

2) Have this transcript sent to your address

3) Open the envelope

4) Fax or e-mail it to my attention.

5) When you are ready to fax the information please call me or e-mail me so I can expect the fax.

We will continue to process your file through the placement process so this information will not impede your progress, but we will eventually need the information if you have recently graduated.   We do not need a current transcript, so please do not send this information until after you have actually graduated. Please do not try to mail the transcript via US post since it may take many weeks to a month to get through the screening in a federal facility.  If you must mail the information please send it via Federal Express.

Updated experience & resume—If you have gained new work/volunteer experience since you applied, please e-mail me:

The name of the organization you worked with

Your activities/duties

Number of months you worked there

Number of hours per week

Please include in that email an attachment of your updated resume.

Thank you for your interest in Peace Corps, and please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions at this point.


Author: Bre

I am in motion and in transition right now. I married Tim Knoll less than a year ago, and we recently applied to The Peace Corps. I work as a freelance journalist.

3 thoughts on “MEDICAL CLEARANCE!”

  1. I just got my medical clearance letter yesterday (started the online application last June).

    It’s been a long strange trip! (Jerry Garcia)

  2. I just got med clearance after 9 months…. I feel like i just gave birth….. now waiting for an invitation….

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