In case you were wondering …

I have been doing a little bit of reading about the time between medical clearance and receiving an invitation. Your invitation is the official “no turning back, you’re actually going into the Peace Corps, and this is what country you’ll be serving in” notice. It’s basically no take-backs unless they cancel the program or evacuate all the volunteers. Anyways, the consensus is that it can take anywhere between a few weeks and six months for volunteers to get their invitations after medical clearance. However, the Peace Corps guarantees that you will have an invitation six weeks before you leave. Most volunteers get their nomination somewhere around four months before they leave. So, if you are wondering, I have done the math for you.

Since we got our medical clearance January 14, we could get an invitation as soon as February. Not likely. Because we are leaving in August, our invitation is much more likely to come around March or April. I think March. The latest it could come is in June. If you don’t hear we have an invitation by July, we’re not leaving in August. Of course, this is merely my guess from reading blogs and doing a little bit of research. Whenever I talk about this type of stuff, Tim says it’s the stuff I’ve made up in my head. Actually, it has some verification … if you trust bloggers.

You might also be wondering … “Hey, wasn’t she supposed to get her wisdom teeth taken out?” Yeah, I was. I am playing phone tag with the residents at the dentistry school to schedule my appointment. You can get medical clearance without getting dental clearance. I’m not sure if you can get an invitation without it, but I think so. You just really have to have it before you leave. I’m going over there personally today to kick some serious butt. Actually, I’m going to bluff that if they don’t schedule my appointment today, I will demand my x-rays back (that I brought in myself to the consultation) and I will take my business elsewhere. If they call my bluff, does anyone know where I can get some discounted dental work done? I have to have all of them taken out. I would like to do it soon, and for less than $2,000.  I’m willing to travel.

Update: Okay, I did not exactly throw a fit. I was actually rather polite, and it got me absolutely nowhere. But those residents do have a note on their desk to call me ASAP! Lol.

Update 2: They did call me. We decided to do the removal in the clinic instead of the OR, so that made it vastly easier. I will have my wisdom teeth removed on Thursday Feb. 11. at 2:30. Tim will have to wait while I have my surgery, and then he will drive me home and take care of me. I would wish him more luck than me.


Author: Bre

I am in motion and in transition right now. I married Tim Knoll less than a year ago, and we recently applied to The Peace Corps. I work as a freelance journalist.

4 thoughts on “In case you were wondering …”

  1. Hello! I stumbled across your blog and wanted to thank you for doing all the research on the timeline between medical clearance and an invitation! I’m applying with my husband as well. We received our medical clearance on January 6th and are waiting for news. We were nominated for April, so we’ll see…

    On another note, your medical clearance form letter was different than ours! We had absolutely no action steps or notice of what would happen next – just telling us to get three months of prescriptions for when we leave for our country. Odd.

    On yet another note, my husband just had his wisdom teeth removed. From our understanding, it does not prevent an invitation – you just have to have proof of the surgery before you get on the plane. He has two dry sockets and is still on an all-soup diet, so I hope yours is less painful.

    Best of luck with the next few months / weeks!

  2. McKinze ~ Oh. That was the email we got from our placement officer. The other letter you mentioned was similar to a letter we got in the mail the other day.
    Good luck to you. I hope you hear something soon. You must be getting awfully anxious if you’re leaving in April. But I have heard that most volunteers get their invitations about four months out, so you’re still basically on track.
    Susie ~ Thanks. I’ll probably just sleep most of the time. I told him no video tapes, but I think he has other plans!
    Chelsie ~ Yeah. My husband’s mom video taped him after he came out of his wisdom tooth surgery, and it was hilarious. I think he has similar plans for me, so I’m sure he won’t let me forget it. Hopefully he doesn’t post it online.

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