Summer plans

Tim and I are trying to figure out the weird interim period between when we get back from Thailand and when we leave for PC staging. Our first idea was that he would ask off from his job for the three weeks we are in Thailand, and then continue working until we leave (I’m not really part of this plan since my classes end in May). But, with all the family vacations and traveling we want to do before we leave, taking a full month off before we leave for PC. doesn’t seem fair to the company. We have some savings, and we thought we might just move out of our apartment in May and Tim would quit his job before we leave for Thailand. But two months is a long time to stretch out staying in other people’s houses, so we’re not sure. Maybe some type of summer volunteer program or job that provides housing? Some place where they know we would be involved just for the summer? Any suggestions?


Author: Bre

I am in motion and in transition right now. I married Tim Knoll less than a year ago, and we recently applied to The Peace Corps. I work as a freelance journalist.

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