Small Update

We got an email this morning from the Education desk. There was a lot of stuff in there that we already knew, but some useful information as well. First of all, they said that our nomination could actually have us leaving in July, August, or September. So we could leave earlier or sooner than we anticipated. I think they just told us August because it’s in the middle (I know. It seems like we’re going backward here, but we’re really not)*. Also, they said they will be working on placement reviews for July-September departures in March and April. So, we could know as soon as next month. If we get our invitation next month, it will be exactly a year since we applied. I think I can wait another month. I just hope it’s not too much longer.

We haven’t really been up to too much lately. I’ve been sick with this flu bug thing, so I decided not to go into work today. Still working from home, but at least I’m not sharing my germs. We’ve been going through our clothes, donating stuff, trying to sell the car, and just … waiting …

*Apparently it was a mass email to everyone in the time frame, which I thought it could be. I wasn’t sure though, and I’m still not sure how much they stick to when they say you’ll leave. August is certainly not definite. If we do leave for Africa in August, the only programs that leave then are Uganda and Namibia. I’m hoping we get our invitation by the end of March!


Author: Bre

I am in motion and in transition right now. I married Tim Knoll less than a year ago, and we recently applied to The Peace Corps. I work as a freelance journalist.

7 thoughts on “Small Update”

  1. Not to burst any bubbles, I got the same email, but i don’t think they meant we could leave in July, Aug, Sept, but it was a mass email to everyone in that time frame. Bummer i know. 😦

    1. Thanks! I thought it might be a mass email, but I wasn’t really sure. Plus, there are only two programs that leave for Africa in August. There are so many more that leave in July or September (according to past staging dates on the Peace Corps Wiki timeline), so I was thinking we should be flexible. Hopefully we’ll find out in March!

    1. I am not sure. It definitely does not say the word Africa anywhere in the email. It looks like Quinn got the same email though (see comments below), and he is going to the South Pacific. Do you have medical clearance? We got ours in January, and it says at the beginning of the email congratulations on your medical clearance. Anyway, I looked at your time line … you applied in August? Congrats. We applied in March. Granted, we knew it would be harder as a couple, but it has still taken us a really long time. I guess the only thing I can say is move on and try to forget about Peace Corps, live your life and don’t make any big purchases. That’s what we try to do. Of course, it’s still hard, and I end up thinking about it all the time. But, what else can you do?

      1. …stealing my comment… I said most of this stuff first, you just type faster than me. Jerk. Well, that or the email here at work is really slow… that’s probably it.

  2. Well the email didn’t say anything specifically about Africa, but it’s possible the Education Desk person that sent it to us only covers people for the Africa region. What region are you nominated for?

  3. Lol. Or maybe you’re being punished for checking the blog at work. I guess I should get back to work too though. Bleh. Great minds think alike.
    Do you remember that PSA that was on Disney when we were kids? It was Genie from Aladdin talking about famous inventions and he was like, “Great minds don’t think alike. Great minds think for themselves.” IDK. See you in a few hours.

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