Peace Corps timeline

I wanted to (and may still at some point) put this in some sort of fancy graphical format, but since our site is hosted on, they don’t allow us to post javascript code due to the malicious things that people could do using it.  They also don’t allow flash, but that’s not a problem since I don’t allow flash either.  Anyway, here’s our timeline of events from application through when we plan on departing.  All in all, 1 year, 3 months, and 7 days from the submission of our application to the day we step on a plane headed out of the country.

3/3/2009 – Finished and submitted applications
3/4/2009 – Created the blog
3/7/2009 – Received packages from the PC to fill out for legal clearance and possible areas of qualification
forms include fingerprinting documents as well as background information
3/9/2009 – Our 3 recommendations each were completed. (friend, coworker/volunteer supervisor, work adviser)
3/13/2009 – Mailed in our medical clearance package:
fingerprints, marriage license, official college transcripts, skills addendum for work areas, essays, and background check approval.
4/3/2009 – Received call from recruiter to set up phone interview
4/15/2009 – Bre’s phone interview
4/16/2009 – Tim’s phone interview
9/8/2009 – Recieve nomination (Africa, August 2010)

  • Bre – Teaching English
  • Tim – Teaching Math

9/12/2009 – Medical packet mailed from PC
9/25/2009 – Doctor’s appointment (round 1 – Initial checkup)
9/28/2009 – Doctor’s appointment (round 2 – TB test reading)
10/5/2009 – Doctor’s appointment (round 3 – Vaccinations)
10/19/2009 – Received completed forms from Doctor’s office
10/19/2009 – Mailed Medical Clearance forms to PC
11/4/2009 – Legal hold placed on Tim’s application

  • Later turned out to be related to car loan.  Not a deal-breaker at that point

11/4/2009 – Tim’s medical clearance status set to “under review”
1/6/2010 – Both of our statuses are put on hold (meaning they are under review)
1/14/2010 – Both of us receive our medical clearance
1/29/2010 – Three of Bre’s wisdom teeth are carefully removed, one remains.
1/31/2010 – Sent in dental clearance forms
2/17/2010 – Received mass email regarding when our file would be checked (slated as March through April)
2/23/2010 – Dental Clearance received
4/14/2010 – Breyanna “dies”
4/16/2010 – Recieve word from our placement officer requesting:
One new recommendation for each of us
One MORE essay about compromising vegetarianism
and news that we can be considered for a position for eastern europe in early June
4/19/2010 – Our new recommendations are sent in
4/20/2010 – Placement Clearance granted.  Our placement officer may now discuss us with our “mystery country”
4/21/2010 – Our invitation is sent by the PC offices.
4/21/2010 – Bre’s last day at work
4/22/2010 – Invitation arrives via UPS sometime before noon.
4/22/2010 – Tim notifies his job that he will be leaving for the Peace Corps


5/7/2010 – Tim’s last day at work
5/13/2010 – Tim and Bre leave for Thailand to teach English with Ball State
6/1/2010 – Tim and Bre return from Thailand
6/8/2010 – Tim and Bre leave for Philadelphia for staging
6/10/2010 – Tim and Bre leave Philadelphia for Moldova.


One thought on “Peace Corps timeline”

  1. Wow, I haven’t checked your blog in a couple months–from Africa to Eastern Europe, what a change! Sounds like everything came together pretty well at the end there. Congratulations!

    Oh, and you know you’re gonna be right next door to Cindy Butor in Ukraine, right?

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