A side of Moldova you might recognize

I’ll bet that this isn’t exactly what Moldova would like to be remembered for, but it I just thought people might be interested to know that this is a product of Moldova.  The person in the video is not, he’s from New Jersey or something, but the song, “Dragostea din tei”, is the biggest hit by a Moldovan band O-Zone.  Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “A side of Moldova you might recognize”

  1. It’s a lot better to listen with your eyes closed. Wow. Not a pretty picture.
    The song is kinda cool….but the guy…..hmmmm.
    What is the song about?

    1. Well, you may be the only person on the internet that hasn’t seen that before then, this video is considered the second most watched viral video on the internet (700 million views according to BBC news). I’m not really sure what the song is about, it’s pretty catchy though. A quick search on it says the title translates to “Love of the linden (Lime) tree”.

    2. this what happens after spending a short time in Moldova. And your going to be there for how long?
      This could get scary.

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