A side note…

By the way, you should expect updates to be in the style of the below two posts.  They will be updates in review, probably a few days old and even more probably in bulk.  I don’t have time every day to go to the wifi zone that is located at our school so Bre and I are typing our posts out in the evenings and then posting them whenever we get online.  I’m trying to post them as the person that wrote the post just so you can be aware of where it came from.


6 thoughts on “A side note…”

  1. I love, love Knolltrek and read it EVERY day. You are both superb writers, and I really like reading each of your different reports, and their different perspectives.

    Justin just asked for your URL, and you are an app on my iPad. You are famous.



  2. Hi Breyanna! I love reading your updates from Moldova, I hope your pre-service training is going well! I just received my invitation from the Peace Corps Monday, and I will be serving in Eastern Europe as well! I depart for Ukraine in September, and I’ll be teaching English too 🙂 So we’re gonna be Peace Corps neighbors… kinda! I hope all is well, I look forward to reading more updates 🙂

  3. Just read everything with much enjoyment. You made me laugh out loud. What an adventure you two are enjoying. I know you will bring much to Moldova and take much away. It sounds like a wonderful place and looks beautiful.


  4. Well, I guess my comments went directly to your posts from Moldova, but I will re-emphasize here that we want to hear it all! Every detail is fascinating to us, so keep us posted as much as possible. I love seeing some of your words in Moldovan or Romaian or whatever language they are…and love the wording of how rich the people are with family and sustinance. Well said. Can’t wait for the next posting! I will stay tuned.
    ~Love, Mom/Susie

  5. I knew the pants would come in handy. One of your comment was that she was laughing out loud well we all do that and also grammy is crying real tears.
    We love to hear everything like the others but my only concern is my friends will say “here she comes to tell us more about Moldva” Keep up the good work why not ride the horse to school instead walking around the poop!!!!!

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