6/21/2010 – Moldova: Day 11

I don’t have much of an update for today but I thought I’d share some pictures/slight news for everyone.  There are a few new animals at casa mea gazda (my host house).  The first was a few nights ago we decided that the cat was pregnant.  The next afternoon we were walking home from class with another volunteer and we saw a very cute and very tiny kitten on the street.  It was sad, but homeless animals in the streets are not an uncommon sight.  The next morning, guess who I saw sitting in our outdoor kitchen…

Apparently our host sister saw him and gave him a bite of food and he’s been living with us ever since.  Then, that afternoon we had another random addition to the family, which was competing with the tiny kitten for being the cutest creature in the world.

On a sad note, the chick was placed in the pen with the rest of the chickens and then the next day mama mea gazda (my host mother) said it was missing.  The kitten is still around and doing well, though.  It might be a bit young to eat anything but milk, but since he has no other choice, table scraps seem to be adequate enough.  The cat we already had doesn’t seem to mind the new addition.

On to a bit of advice, since I know Bre and I came across many random blogs for many PCVs.  If you are here for advice on a packing list for Moldova or information about the climate of Moldova or other countries in the area, you will see mountains of advice to bring heavy winter clothes, which is something I did, and I’m sure I’ll be happy about it many months from now, but the thing I don’t remember seeing is to remember to also bring clothes for a rather warm summer.  I was lucky to have brought plenty of short-sleeved shirts which will help me greatly, but I definitely didn’t do it on purpose.  I guess this also goes for any family members that want to ever visit the beautiful country of Moldova.  If you come in the summer, expect it to still feel like summer.


4 thoughts on “6/21/2010 – Moldova: Day 11”

  1. How cute on the cat and chick! Do they usually feed pets (dogs and cats) scraps or do they purchase dog food and cat food like we do?

  2. They have dog food, but mostly they just give them table scraps. We have seen a bag of dog food, but we’ve never seen our dog be fed it. The dogs are not as skinny and scared as Thailand, but there are definitely more strays than in America.

  3. OK….here’s something I’d like from each of you. Because you are there, and already it all seems “normal” to you (?), WE, do not have the visuals you have. So, I want you each to stand in the front door of the house, or the kitchen, or the bedroom and tell us how each is the same or how each is different. I see carpet on the floor with the kitten, right? Electricity? Telephone? Flat panel TV? Like America in the 50s? I can’t get a visual of what you see. This is just an idea to give us a bird’s eye view of Moldova!!

  4. Hey Guys,

    I just wanted to reiterate how enthralled I am to hear of your adventures, as well as how deeply proud and grateful I am that you made the big leap and are engaged in the absolutely crucial work of promoting intercultural dialogue as ambassadors of this fine country. We think we know so much about the world, but in traveling we find we had no idea. Its like those Japanese people who have taken on the ‘cowboy chic’ aesthetic. They would never survive Texas!

    Party on, and keep those updates rollin’.

    With Love
    Cousin d

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