A quick catchup

A few things have happened since my last post.  Those that check regularly will notice it has been a while since our last update and that is not without reason.  We have had a few major events in our Peace Corps life take place.

The first thing to happen was our site announcement.  This is where we got in a room full of all of the M25s (Moldova volunteer group #25) and the country of Moldova crafted on the floor.  Names of cities, towns, and villages that will be housing volunteers in about a month were labeled and one-by-one our names were drawn from a hat and we were directed to our site.  At this time you also get a few sheets of paper describing your future home (family, house, and city) as well as a few sheets describing your job placement.  In the case of us and all of the English Education volunteers this meant a description of our future school.

The proceeding weekend was our site team conference.  For EEs this is where we meet our director (the principal of our school).

Following the site team conference, we got to have our site visit.  This is when we actually go and stay in our future permanent site.  For some volunteers, the director brought them home with them immediately following the site team conference.  For others, they returned home and the next day was when their visit began.  Bre and I got to start our trip immediately after the conference and thus stayed two nights in our permanent location.  We are both very excited and happy about our placement.  We met our partner teachers (will probably be explained in a later post) and schools were great. We should both have plenty of opportunities for secondary projects.

Anyway, it has been quite an eventful week or so and practice school will begin before too long so there doesn’t seem to be much of a break in sight.  Of course, if anyone has any questions or wants anything explained feel free to send a note or comment and we’ll try to explain as best we can.


One thought on “A quick catchup”

  1. Yay for posts!!! We don’t care how short, we just want updates!!! This all sounds like good news! We anxiously await more!

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