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Tim is not comfortable putting up some details about our permanent sites and family for security reasons, so I will try to respect that as much as possible. That being said, I’m sure some of you read the last post and thought “Well that was vague.” So I’ll try to remedy that a little while not being too specific.

Our site is in a bigger city. It has about 25,000 people and is one of the largest cities in Moldova. It has a few universities and has a very rich religious history. We have a lot of good amenities like internet cafes, sports bars, supermarkets, and even a Catholic church. That seems like it would be pretty common in Europe, but only the biggest towns have many other religions represented besides Eastern Orthodox and Baptist. If I had to compare it to a town I’ve spent time in in SUA (that’s USA for all you non-Romanian speakers), I would probably say it’s a lot like Bloomington. Our friends here already want to visit us because our site is awesome.

Our family is really great and we will be living with an older couple. They have children in North America and they have hosted volunteers many times before. That takes a little bit of pressure off of us. We live in the casa mare (big house. Most Moldovan families have two houses. One is where they keep their nice stuff and they are always fixing it up. The other is smaller and they live in that. It’s also easier to heat in the winter.) We live with them, but we have a lot of personal space in the house. They even have a son-in-law who is an RPCV! Cool, huh?

Anyway, I think that should paint a clearer picture of what we’ve found out in the past few weeks. I think we’ll be pretty happy there, and I can’t wait to get started.


6 thoughts on “More details”

  1. I think it all sounds pretty cool except I don’t know what a RPCV is. Do I understand you will live in the big house and the host family will be in the small house that seems strange to me but once again maybe I don’t understand that either. Is the City safe and is there another way to get to school rather than walk in snow and freezing cold weather. Can’t wait to see pictures.

  2. Some volunteers are in the situation of living in the casa mare while the family lives in the casa mica. It’s cheaper and easier to heat the casa mica, so people just live there. We will live in the casa mare with our family. PC is big on the acronyms, so an RPCV is a returned peace corps volunteer. Right now, we are PCTs (peace corp trainees). In a few weeks we will be PCVs, and then we will be RPCVs when we come home. The city is safe, although you have to be careful anywhere you go. There is a bus that goes by my house, but it’s probably easiest just to walk. I’ll probably be safer in my YakTrax (PC hands them out to Moldova volunteers) than on the bus.

    1. LOVE my yak trax!!!! They are great!!! I was confused about the living situation. I thought tim indicated it would be more of a separate apartment deal when we talked. We love reports!!! Keep’em coming!

      1. No, we will be living in one house, but aside from the entryway we will both have separate living areas. It’s more like a duplex-ish situation, but it’s very uncommon for PC living arrangements to be like this. I think the unofficial name for our placement would be “Posh Corps.”

  3. Congrats on the site placement! Sounds like you guys have a pretty great situation. Do you have your own kitchen and everything, or will you be sharing amenities with your host family?

  4. I cant wait to see pics soon too. Im so glad things are going well for you both!! Sounds like everything has been falling into place pretty well!

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