My new life in the (relatively) big city

Now that we are at our permanent site, things are very different than they were in Răzeni.  Răzeni was a small town with roughly 6000 people (The actual number living there is unknown due to people working abroad) and our new city is a raion center (A capital city).  One perk of this is that almost all of our roads are paved so we won’t have to worry as much about mud when it rains.  This of course hasn’t been a problem for a while since it doesn’t seem like it will ever rain here, not matter how hard I wish for it.  If you follow the weather in Moldova you’ll see that it’s pretty hot right now.  Very different from the icy cold that I would’ve expected when I thought of Eastern Europe.  I’m definitely not complaining.  The warm weather brings about a plethora of delicious fruits and vegetables.  Being a large city, we even have the perks of some of the more irregular fruits and vegetables not found in smaller towns such as avocados.  I do, however, run the risk of becoming a much fatter person before I leave Moldova because for the next two years I have the pleasure of walking past a bread and pastry factory on my way to school which just so happens to expel the most delicious of aromas my way and also offer a tiny magazine (store) that sells fresh merchandise.  The other differences are somewhat noticeable.  The weather is windier, the roads are hillier, and the wine is drier.  The latter is of course a matter of the family’s tastes, but I have been assured that I will be allowed to partake in the creation of next year’s batch of wine, which I am greatly looking forward to.  If only I could find a Mr. Beer out here to help me with other drinks.  So far, I have found only one option of beer that can’t be described as transparent.  Not quite a stout, but it at least has part of the flavor and all of the appearance.  I apologize for the random thought process of this post, I’m not really reporting on anything in general; just talking about what comes to my mind.

Anyway, school starts on the 1st, which is apparently a national holiday called “The day of knowledge”.  Until then, it’s meetings and planning.  Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “My new life in the (relatively) big city”

  1. What a great post! This is what I like, these random thoughts! They are most fascinating! I can only imagine a roly poly Tim rolling back to the US in 2 years. It shall be interesting. Interesting that the weather is even different. Good luck with the beer. Maybe Dad can send you his barrel for making it. Keep posting your random thoughts!

  2. Tim & Breyanna – Sounds like a good life there
    so far! I just love reading your posts about everyday life there. Of course quite different from Thailand, but also so very fascinating!
    The people sound very sweet and life seems kind of “quaint to me!” Keep them coming – just LOVE to read em!!

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