School’s in session

Well, school has started and so far everything has been good. I have three partner teachers and I teach 18 hours of classes, consisting of 7,8,9,10, and 12th grades (or form, as it is called here). My 12th form class is actually taking English as their second foreign language, with French being their first. Most of my students speak the language relatively well, they have been studying it since the 1st grade (with the exception of my 12th form, again. They started English in the 5th grade). One thing that is very different here than in American school systems is the treatment of students’ levels and openness about grades. Grades are given often at the end of class aloud to several students so that everyone will hear each student’s grade for the day. This is how their grades for the year are weighted and a test is only different because on a test day everyone has a grade, obviously based on their performance with the test. Another difference is the openness with which teachers discuss their opinion the skill level of a student. Teachers will talk aloud about which students are more skilled in their eyes even when standing in front of the students or the class. I know this would not go over well in America, but here in Moldova, students seem to accept and almost thrive on it, wanting to know eachother’s grade for the day or who is considered a good or bad student. Every time I start feeling like Moldova is similar to America in some ways there always seems to be something like this to change my opinion. I’m actually almost surprised in a competitive culture like America the students are so secretive about their grades and skill levels now that I see this system.


3 thoughts on “School’s in session”

  1. you are right about being different. Here in USA parents can’t even get grades of their kids in college. Which I don’t agree with so who is to say what works the best. Thank you for writing. Keep up the good work. Love you take care of Bre.

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