So it’s been … awhile …

to say the least. I’m sorry neither of have managed to post in more than nearly four weeks. I’m not making excuses, but the pace of life definitely isn’t slower here. I thought it would be just because it’s Peace Corps, but I’m not in Peace Corps. I’m in Posh Corps. I have my own bathroom (with flushing toilet, running sink, and hot shower), an office and sitting room, a Catholic church to attend, and several restaurants to choose from. This is quite different than the life my village friends are leading, and it’s definitely not slower than my life in America. Although I do spend a lot of time waiting around for people to show up. That part is true.
Anyway, a normal day involves me peeling myself from under the warm blankets into the freezing cold house to get ready (I should note here that I realize how lucky I am. A friend who visited recently only has an outhouse, particularly inconvenient when you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night). Running off to school (a 20 minute walk for me, both ways. Tim timed himself to his school at 9 1/2 minutes. You can’t have it all.), and teaching anywhere from three to six classes. If it’s Tuesday or Thursday, I go to Romanian tutoring after that. If I’m not catatonic after this (which I usually am) I accompany Tim to the community volleyball game he plays. Here, I try to huddle over my notebooks while planning lessons and avoiding getting smashed in the face with a volleyball (oh my nose! See 1973 for the reference.) If it’s Monday or Wednesday, I stick around school planning lessons until my English club. Weekends usually fill up pretty quickly with visitors, church, and town soccer games. I’m also lucky because I don’t miss out on a lot of American foods. My husband is an excellent cook and is always up for a challenge. We even made bagels!
This weekend we had a visitor. Our friend Emily came, and it was so fun to show her around our city. We always thought it would be best to meet people someplace in Europe if we ever had visitors, but I’m really proud of our little corner of Moldova. I want to share it with more people. It’s only a seven hour flight. Not much longer than flying coast to coast in America. We would love to have you in our city.
We are hosting Thanksgiving this year. I bet you thought we would miss it. We won’t. We’ll have it on the Saturday after Thanksgiving because we’ll be in school Thursday, obviously. PC is having a thing, but ours is more of a sit-down family event. It should be fun to show people our site and what a good cook Tim is. The turkey definitely won’t come with that little plastic bag, but we’ll figure it out. It seems early to start thinking about it, but if we need any supplies from the U.S., now is the time.
Tim had a great birthday on September 10. We got together at a local restaurant for pizza with our tutor and her family, some volunteers who live nearby, and a Fulbright scholar. He got several dark beers, and I bought him a briefcase. We made a cake, and he really loved the Special K bars (supplies were sent as a birthday package). Well, that’s pretty much all the updates for now. Teaching English and learning Romanian are going well, and Tim and I both still wildly popular at our schools. What more can you ask for? Besides a Chipotle burrito.


Author: Bre

I am in motion and in transition right now. I married Tim Knoll less than a year ago, and we recently applied to The Peace Corps. I work as a freelance journalist.

5 thoughts on “So it’s been … awhile …”

  1. you sound happy and busy. This makes it easier when we miss you to know this. Let me know if I can send food for TG. Noodles can be shipped. you never said if your students are behaving(sp)or are they something like America(no paperwods when your back is turned).hehe Why don’t you play VB? sounds like it is cold there all ready. Thank You for posting we look everyday for Blog,FB or emails. Love you keep up the good work we are proud of you both. Love G & G

  2. Wow you guys really have been busy!! School sounds busy but you two can handle anything. πŸ™‚ Ive never been to Moldova but reading your posts definately makes me want to come!! Thanks for the update!!

  3. We have made bagels. They are very hard to make right, but they taste better than anything.

    ‘Tis wonderful to hear from youse guys. Thank you very, very much for the updates.

  4. It all sounds great – what a great experience!
    And it sounds like you 2 are as “wildly popular” with those students as you were with the students in Thaland!!! You, indeed, have found “your calling!” And that is pure wonderful πŸ™‚
    Love the updates, too!

  5. Finally just got to read the update. It is good to get updates, and nice for you to have notes about your experience. And yes, Grammy, it IS so comforting to hear that you seem busy and happy. Whew. Will be sending a package prob early November, so get your list together! We miss you and Love you, but enjoy hearing about your life in Moldova!

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