OMG new pictures on knolltrek!

Here are our bagels that we made while they were cooking. Not too bad, huh?

Here are the bagels after cooking. I was just happy with how they turned out so I wanted to brag about them on the blog.

Here is me making the wine. This is one of several barrels of this size we have, if that helps show how much wine we make. Each family seems to have their own number of these barrels and my research shows that it ranges from two or three to more than ten in some cases.


4 thoughts on “OMG new pictures on knolltrek!”

  1. I always heard bagels were very hard to make. Yours look like they came from a bakery. Don’t you boil them at some point? You would need a BIG pot! Interesting. Thanks for sharing.
    So….regarding the wine, how do you get it out of the barrel? 10???? More than 10? That would be almost a barrel a month! Sheesh!

    1. Yes, you have to boil them, but they don’t all have to be boiled at the same time, just use a big enough pan for a few at a time.

  2. Awesome! I still cannot hardly believe you MADE those – maybe you should re-consider your profession after you come back to the States!!!

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