So recently we’ve been enlightened to a new delicious drink. Apparenty there’s a three day window in the wine-making process where the grapes have begun to fermet just slighty, but not enough to be alcohol yet. When this happens it creates a sort of grape juice that is very sweet and slighty sour at the same time and almost tastes slightly carbonated. This drink, called must, is a delicacy that I would imagine you can only drink if you make the wine yourself since it has such a short window of opportunity. Today is day two or three of the window so it’ll be sad when must is a full year away since soon it will be too sour to want to drink (until it finishes it’s journey to wine, of course).


3 thoughts on “Must”

  1. Very interesting. Who’d a thunk? Is this pronounced Musta like Rust-a or Musta like Moose-ta? I’m guessing Moose. Or something like neither. Sounds like there should be a Musta-festival as well! This is the kind of little tidbit news I love to get. Things we would never know if you didn’t post a paragraph! Thanks!

    1. It is the “moose” pronunciation, but without the ‘A’ on the end. I misspelled it before but made the correction. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

  2. I’m sorry but thats too close to MUSTARD. And you know how i feel about that. But you kids enjoy your mustard wine.

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