And now, an apology from one Ms. Deborah B. Downer

Sorry my last post was such a bummer. If you’re here to find out what PC is about, that is definitely one of the aspects of it. One day you feel like you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be and the next you’re ready to sign the papers to go home early. You hate going outside to the bathroom, but you love telling stories about the chicken that fell in the outhouse. You cry one day because the students refused to do your activity, and the next day a student walks with you all the way home just to talk to you. You miss late night runs to Taco Bell, but your eyes well up with tears when your host mom says one of the ingredients in her placenta (pluh-chen-tuh) is dragoste (love). You miss seeing your family, but you can’t wait for your next vacation because it only takes you two hours by plane to get to Athens. You complain about smelly routierras (mini-buses), but you smile when you see the plastic bag sitting next to you is how one of your fellow passengers is transporting a live chicken. That’s a normal day in Peace Corps. It sucks, but you love it.
PC is hard in different ways than I expected. Actually, pretty much everything is different than I expected. It’s funny how I keep running into that in my life, and yet I keep expecting things to be the way I imagine they will be. Maybe I’ll never learn, and I’m not sure if that makes me foolish, a dreamer, or an idealist. Probably a little of all three.
I had a good day today, and that’s the best I can hope for for tomorrow. Maybe I can sum it up in a phrase Tim recently translated into English from Romanian — the goal is to have today be better than yesterday, but worse than tomorrow.

This video
is making its way through the Peace Corps blogs and Facebook pages. There is some controversy in the community over whether this video is awful, funny, or painfully accurate. Some people think it shows RPCVs as pompous and bombastic, and others think it describes their service dead on. Tim loves it and thinks it shows how wonderfully insane PCVs are, while I am a little torn. Some parts make me laugh at the ridiculousness, and some parts make me think of myself in the present and the future. You guys can mock me when I stand up and toast simply “La multi ani” at your birthday parties. I won’t care, because it will be a small way that I can show how Moldova will always be a part of me.

One more thing … WE WANT VISITORS!


Author: Bre

I am in motion and in transition right now. I married Tim Knoll less than a year ago, and we recently applied to The Peace Corps. I work as a freelance journalist.

3 thoughts on “And now, an apology from one Ms. Deborah B. Downer”

  1. Wow. I haven’t seen the video yet (where is it posted?) but this is an amazing post. So well written and so well thought out. I think each and every one of those “pros and cons” should be on your list of the good and bad of PC and Moldova. Some of the things are so small, but so meaningful. Remember my story about the crabs washed ashore. If it matters to one, it makes a difference.
    LOVED this post, not just because it was more positive, but because it was so insightful.

  2. The video is linked in the post. I changed it so that it’s a little clearer where the link is. Thank you, Susie. I feel like we should have the lobster story posted in our room somewhere to remind us of why we do this.

  3. It really WAS a great post, Breyanna! Loved it. Very thoughtful, and yes, insightful.
    I especially loved the paragraph that began “PC is hard in different ways than I expected” You really are learning about life, and ‘expectations’ and how we often are let down when things are not what we expected. But you know what? It’s ok, because every life experience we have makes us more knowledgable, stronger and just a better all-around person for having (litereally) ‘survived’ it sometimes! I’m sure you heard about Em & Cody’s (& Cody’s sister) trip to Africa. It was a nightmare in many ways, but they survived it, and I think they will be stronger people because of it.
    You 2 ARE strong people, and you wouldn’t have gotten there in the first place, if you weren’t! You are very GOOD at what you do, and I can understand getting discouraged in those circumstances………… must be extremely hard!
    Just hang in there, if you can……………….and remember…………..We love you, too!

    Love, Po

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