Meet Joe Biden….

…Jill, his wife! Obviously, the title is to be sung to the theme of The Jetsons. Anyway, Friday was very exciting day for the country of Moldova as it had a visit from none other than Vice President Biden and Dr. Biden, as well as their 12 year old granddaughter. Peace Corps volunteers got to go as special guests in the “inner circle” and a select 200 people from the inner circle were given the opportunity to stand on stage with the VP during the speech. That 200 included yours truly and Bre, and as you can see in this picture, her view was… adequate.

Note: Both Bre and I are visible in this picture.

After the speech we were invited to a private “meet and greet” inside where we got to hear an additional speech from the VP as well as a speech from Dr. Biden and the ambassador. Obviously it was a very cool and interesting experience. Definitely worth the what seemed like hours of slowly inching our way through the security. It is definitely a positive thing that such a large number of people showed up for the first visit to Moldova by any representative of the United States.


4 thoughts on “Meet Joe Biden….”

  1. I found Breyanna but I am guessing on Tim. We are so proud of you both you will remember this experience the rest of your life. I just wish your good times wern’t so far from all of us that Love you. G & G

  2. OK….I found you both. Well…Dad found you for me, Tim…(Up left from Bre a few rows with glasses) but how exciting! Kinda like a visit from home, right? Does he count as family? I want to hear more, but will have to wait till we can skype sometime hopefully soon! Looks like at least the weather was somewhat cooperative.
    Will wait for more reports soon!
    Love, Mom

  3. Awesome! That was really special that you got to be such “honored” guests (as it should be) at this event! Very cool.

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