Catching Up

Well, it is surprisingly easy to get caught up in your service and completely neglect your blog, so please forgive us. For me, it is summer now which means no school to occupy my time. You might think that would give me all sorts of free time to write posts and be social. As much as I love the sound of that, it’s definitely not true. I sometimes seem to be finding myself even busier and pressed to get things finished now. In addition to Bre’s large list of ongoing projects for her work, we also have several camps we are planning and running as well as another project that isn’t quite at a stage for bragging about yet, but could keep me beyond busy for the rest of my time in Moldova.

We do find time to relax however, though our relaxation often involves work as well. Now that we are in our own apartment we find ourselves inviting guests what seems to be quite frequently. Often, however, these visits are spent more as planning sessions than relaxation or leisure.

This past weekend, however, we did spend a bit of time relaxing. We took an overnight bus to Odessa, Ukraine and spent two days on the beach. I got burnt so it officially counts as a Knoll beach vacation. As an added note, I also bought and wore a more European-style bathing suit, which is possibly proven in pictures that hopefully will never see the light of day (or Facebook).

Anyway, on to my excuse as to why we haven’t posted for two months (exactly, I believe). There comes a point in Peace Corps service, or at least in our service, when everything seems normal. A time when you speak your second language as comfortably as it were your first. A time when you are pretty sure you rode in an automobile with fewer than ten people in it at some point in your life. A time when you think there was a time that you might have found it strange to see a random goat or two on the side of nearly every road to keep the grass short. This time has happened to us and now the things that happen to us don’t seem to be news. Moldova is the normal existence for us. It is commonplace, and it is comfortable. If there was a day where I saw a lawnmower or a dishwasher, I’d probably come running to tell all of you about it. It may not do wonders for our blog, but it is definitely nice on our end.


6 thoughts on “Catching Up”

  1. The other day when I read this, I left a long and well-written comment. Now I think it never appeared. Grrr.
    Anyway….since I don’t feel eloquent today, this will not say as much, but I love this post. It’s the commonplace…..the normal existence now that makes me want you to write more. In the same way seeing a lawn mower or a dishwasher is commonplace to us, but fascinating to those in Moldova, we want to hear/see more about the “everyday” events and happenings of your current life. Like how you wash your clothes. And I thought it was just for stomping grapes. Who knew?
    Thanks for this post, but remember, we want MORE!

  2. Talk more about these goats! I like the idea of not having to mow my grass. Do you think Laney will get along with our new pet and will it bother the neighbors???

    1. Well all the goats I’ve seen are pretty chill, though they frighten easily. The shepherds here speak to them in Romanian so you’ll need to probably learn a few useful phrases like “Don’t go over there” or “Don’t eat that”. It would add a different problem though… if you thought picking up after Laney was bad….

  3. timbre,

    News of any kind depends on perspective, and yours is different than any of your not-so-well-informed, superannuated friends. So please keep us updated. Pullleeez!

    Knolltrek Keeps us in touch with another dimension and view of the world. Please, please. In the immortal words of Winnie-the-Pooh, “Please, could I get a little more?”



  4. Loved this post, Tim! How interesting a perspective on how that point in time comes when everything you are seeing becomes “commonplace” and you don’t think it’s unusual anymore – it’s just integrated into your life now. I really dearly loved that last paragraph. Well, I dearly love all of your posts, and I agree with everyone else – just keep ’em comin’! Would like to hear more of your “daily life” – may be normal to you, but not to us. Keep up the good work!
    Luv ya, Po

  5. Tim I am like your mother I thought I had written on this post. You know we in Florida is always happy to talk to you both and seeing you is the best part. Your blog is so interesting, however, the reason being you and Brey are great writers so I am hoping to see a book come out of the wonderful adventure. KEEP NOTES ON IT ALL

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