First Day of School

Well today was the first day of school again for me. I took some pictures so expect a post soon with details about the “first bell” ceremony. I won’t get into that now, just thought I’d share a conversation I had with one of my new classes. As usual, the class was more interested in interviewing the new teacher than to do the lesson for the day so at the end of class they were allowed to ask me questions. I got the usuals: “What city/state are you from?”, “Do you like Moldova?”, “Have you experienced any of our customs/foods/wine/etc?”. The one other question stream I get is as follows (and it tells you a thing or two about families and the culture in Moldova.)

Moldovan (girl) student: Are you married?
Me: Yes, I am married.
Student: Do you have any children?
Me: No, I have no children.
Student: How long have you been married?
Me: Soon it will be three years.
Student: … umm… do you really not have any children?


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